Jasmine You Memorials in New York and Los Angeles

news - 08.16.2009 13:34
source: Alone Together NYC, Tainted Reality
On Saturday August 22nd, an unofficial memorial event for the recently deceased musician Jasmine You will be held in NYC. The event will take place at Kinokuniya Bookstore at the Avenue of the Americas, New York (second floor by the cafe).

The event's organization, Alone Together NYC, is requesting attendees to wear black and purple. You may bring roses, photos, and of course your memories to share. Please spread the word to other Versailles fans and those who attended their lives.

There will be another event in Los Angeles, California at Weller Park at 7pm. Fans are once again encouraged to dress elegantly, and bring roses and photos, and can also bring candles to light for Jasmine. The address for Weller Court is 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St Los Angeles, CA 90012. The vigil will be held at the northeast corner near Los Angeles St. and 1st St.

If fans have any letters, notes, fan art and other gifts, either for the band in condolences, or things in memory of Jasmine, the organizers will be collecting them to send to Japan. In Los Angeles, the organizers will be collecting mementos to make a part of a banner which everyone will also be able to sign.
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