Shinya and LEVIN Celebrate Pearl

news - 03.06.2006 07:00
source: Official Site
Shinya (LUNA SEA) and LEVIN (La'’cryma Christi) will be taking part in special events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Pearl drum brand. After some exhibitions, they will give advice to those wishing to start this instrument.

The dates are:

17th March at Osaka JACK LION,
18th March at Kochi Gakkidô OPUS nai LYRA HALL,
19th March at Tokushima Kurozaki gakki Honten 4F hall,
24th March at Fukuoka Beat Station,
25th March at Fukuoka ABBEY ROAD,
26th March at Kumamoto DJANGO,
1st April at Koshigaya EASINGS GOINGS.
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