New Single from Asty

news - 03.24.2019 11:56
source: Visunavi
Visual kei band Asty will release a new single on April 30th.

Titled Mofumofu Rabbit, the single will contain three tracks: the title song, Mirai yohou and DAYBREAK. The first two songs were composed by bassist Yuuki, while vocalist Takeru composed DAYBREAK. Takeru also wrote the lyrics for all three songs.

This will be the band's third single, following January's Yume mau oodorobou.

An MV spot for Mofumofu Rabbit can be viewed below.

In addition, Asty have announced that they will be holding their second one-man at TSUTAYA O-WEST on January 3rd, 2020. To build excitement for this show, they have been uploading footage from their one-man held at Shinjuku club SCIENCE on December 26th last year. Footage of SARUKANI BATTLE~Ingaouhou emaki~ is available below.

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