tRaeH Announce Digital Distribution of Recent Works

news - 03.18.2019 21:34
source: Visunavi
Visual kei band tRaeH (formerly known as HeaRt) have announced some good news for overseas fans.

They have compiled their recent singles A, E and D, which featured re-recordings of their old songs, into a new mini-album called AED. The six-track release is now available for download and streaming via popular services like iTunes / Apple Music and Spotify. They have also announced that their 2017 mini-album Re:play will be released the same way. Links for AED can be found here.

Formed in 2005, HeaRt changed their name to v[NEU] in 2007. However, most of the band's original members had departed and retired by 2008. After v[NEU] disbanded in 2014, HeaRt held a one-off reunion show in 2015, later deciding to continue sporadic activities as tRaeH (although their name is still pronounced as "heart"). The band's current line-up features vocalist jun, guitarists Subaru and kt (aka Kohta Takano), bassist hixro and drummer Yuki.

The band also recently revealed a lyric video for Daidai from AED, which can be viewed below.

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