New Album from LEGO BIG MORL

news - 03.15.2019 18:21
source: OHP
Rock band LEGO BIG MORL will release a new album digitally on April 17th.

Titled KEITH, it will feature eight songs, including an album mix of Ichibyou no aida, a digital single released in 2017 that was used as the theme for the movie "Demekin". The album is named after a cat that was in the room while they were creating songs for the release.

In a comment about the album, the members explained that they want this release to capture the warmth, closeness and "lived-in" feel that the songs had when they performed them in front of the yawning cat. KEITH will be their sixth full album, following 2017's Shinzou no ibasho.

They will be heading out on the LEGO BIG MORL "Cat Walk" TOUR 2019 to support the release on May 1st. The tour will start in Kanagawa at CLUB CITTA, and it will wrap up in Hiroshima at CAVE-BE on June 15th.

A short version of the video for Ichibyou no aida can be viewed below.

The band also released a live DVD and album titled LEGO BIG MORL 〜Acoustic & Rock〜 TOUR 2018 "Tsuki to taiyou" at EBISU The Garden Hall in November 2018. The live album is available for streaming overseas via Spotify.

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