First Mini-Album from Airo Maeda

news - 03.02.2019 07:04
Airo Maeda, the frontman of visual kei band UNDER FALL JUSTICE, will release his first solo mini-album on April 10th.

Titled Korosareta.., it will feature four tracks. These will include Shinitai, the first song he revealed when he started this project last year, as well as the title track, Mind Control ~sennou sareta boku~ and Shinitaku nakatta.. (Shousetsu). Airo's solo work is said to explore the depths of negative human emotions, including feelings that one can't express even if one wants to.

In addition, the members of UNDER FALL JUSTICE are currently in the middle of a limited four-month revival of their previous band, "Seigi" Suuhai Kyoudan JUSTICE KING. The group's activities will include consecutive one-man shows at Nagoya Imaike 3STAR on March 14th and May 28th.

The video for Shinitai can be viewed below.

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