BABYMETAL Announces YUIMETAL's Departure, Releases New Digital Single

news - 10.19.2018 13:00
source: OHP
BABYMETAL has announced YUIMETAL's departure from the band. This announcement follows YUIMETAL's absence from the band's performances since last December’s concert due to health concerns.

According to a statement on BABYMETAL's official website, YUIMETAL had previously expressed her desire to return to performing with the group, and both SU-METAL and MOAMETAL as well as the entire staff team had been preparing for her awaited return. However, YUIMETAL came to a decision that she will not be performing at BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN and that she will no longer be a part of BABYMETAL.

Read YUIMETAL's parting message (in Japanese) to her fans at

BABYMETAL also released a new digital single today, titled Starlight, which is now available on digital streaming platforms:

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