Sigh to Release New Album

news - 10.18.2018 07:20
source: Press Release
Avant-garde band Sigh will release a new album titled Heir to Despair on November 16th via Candlelight Records.

Heir to Despair, the 11th studio album by Sigh, is described as "a heavy, psychedelic and exotic album filled with vintage keyboards and flute", completely different from the symphonic orchestral style of 2015 album Graveward. It can be taken as Sigh's first attempt to intentionally take in a Japanese/Asian musical feel. Vocalist Mirai Kawashima used some Japanese traditional singing techniques and ex-Estradasphere shamisen master, Kevin Kmetz, is featured on several songs. 90% of the lyrics are in Japanese, which has never happened on past Sigh albums.

Heir to Despair was mixed by Canadian engineer Phil Anderson, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, who has worked with artists such as Faith No More, Yes and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Homo Homini Lupus, featuring guest vocals from Phil Anselmo, is the first track to be shared from the record. Mirai Kawashima comments, "Homo Homini Lupus is one of the fastest and the simplest tracks on Heir to Despair. Don't expect other songs to sound like this. 'Homo Homini Lupus' means 'Man is wolf to man' in Latin. Thomas Hobbes referred to this verb to describe how men would act in the state of nature before we were civilized. The world shown in 'The Walking Dead' series should be the best example of what we truly are. Men become wolves, or should I say men are wolves in their real nature. Look what our ancestors did during the wartime! Look what our ancestors did during famine! We have own wolves inside."

Heir to Despair is available for pre-order now at Homo Homini Lupus can be listened to via the link.
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