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news - 07.07.2018 20:59
Visual kei band Scarlet Valse have announced some important news.

First of all, guitarist Raizo officially departed from the band following their performance at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on July 4th. In a comment posted on Scarlet Valse's official website, Raizo cited a difference in directions as the reason for his departure, but thanked the members, staff and fans for their support during his year and a half with the band. He wrote that he hopes fans will continue to support the band in the future and stated that he will also be cheering Scarlet Valse on along with them.

However, fans did not have to wait long to discover who his replacement would be. Scarlet Valse have already announced that ex-Misaruka guitarist Rin will be taking his place. Rin will play his first show as a member of Scarlet Valse during a free one-man titled Relation of the Different Colors that will be held at Shibuya VUENOS on July 12th to celebrate vocalist Kakeru's birthday.

In addition, Scarlet Valse have announced that they will release a new album titled Legendary Place sometime this fall.

A comment video introducing Rin can be viewed below.

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