Details on KEN☆Tackey's Debut Single

news - 05.13.2018 13:27
source: avex trax
As previously reported, V6's Miyake Ken and Takizawa Hideaki from Tackey & Tsubasa will be making their CD debut as a new unit called KEN☆Tackey this summer. Now, more details on the release have been revealed.

Their debut single Gyakuten Lovers will be released in three versions on July 18th. The CD-only regular edition will contain four songs: the title track, Ukiyo adesugata sakura, Aoki hibi and LOVE, as well as instrumental versions of all four songs. Limited Editions A and B will feature just two tracks: the title song and a currently untitled B-side. However, they will each come with a bonus DVD.

Limited Edition A's DVD will contain the music video for Gyakuten Lovers, dance videos for Ukiyo adesugata sakura and Aoki hibi, as well as making-of footage. Limited Edition B's DVD will include the music video for the B-side, a dance video for Gyakuten Lovers and special bonus footage.

A teaser video is available below:

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