2o Love to Sweet Bullet Joins Gan-Shin Records

news - 01.19.2018 08:46
source: Press Release
European label Gan-Shin Records announced recently that the idol group 2o Love to Sweet Bullet has joined their label.

The group's eighth single Véga, which will come out in three CD-only editions in Japan on January 30th, will be released digitally worldwide by Gan-Shin on the same day. All of the release's physical editions feature the title track and the B-side Noah. Moreover, all three CD-only editions come with an additional third track, which varies from type to type. For Type A it will be Gravity, Type B will feature Ohisama Palette and Type C will include Boulevard. The digital release from Gan-Shin features all five tracks.

2o Love to Sweet Bullet debuted in August 2015 with the single Ai no hana. The idol group consists of five members: Fujino Shiho, Yamahiro Mihoko, Mita Karin, Shinjo Mai and Fushimi Riho. For more information about the group, be sure to check out their official website.

The music video for Véga can be viewed below:

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