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news - 09.28.2017 18:14
source: Geki-Rock
After several months out of the spotlight following his arrest for alleged marijuana possession in December 2016, ex-HER NAME IN BLOOD drummer Umebo has finally made his return to the scene: he has officially joined the death metal band WORLD END MAN.

To mark the occasion, the band has released a new song titled KING DISSECTION. Fans can download it for free from their Bandcamp page until October 28th.

WORLD END MAN was formed in 2015. Its line-up features vocalist Kiyo Nishihara (ex-Kyojin Daigyakusatsu, Stages of Decomposition and Cannibal Sushi Boyz) and guitarist Kosuke Hashida, who was a member of The Cauterized and performed as a touring guitarist with Abysmal Dawn. Both men were mainly active with bands in the US before returning to Japan a few years ago.

You can follow WORLD END MAN on Twitter and Facebook for more updates, and Umebo has also launched a new Twitter account.

The video for KING DISSECTION can be viewed below.

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