New Single from Dragon Ash

news - 09.29.2016 18:10
source: OHP
Rock band Dragon Ash will release a new single on November 9th.

Hikari no machi will be available in two editions. Both will contain two songs: the title track and the B-side Headbang. The limited edition will feature a bonus DVD with footage of 16 songs from their live held at Ishinomaki BLUE RESISTANCE on April 24th, including the currently unreleased new song Circle. The regular edition will be CD-only.

While the band has been performing live frequently, this will be their first new single since 2013's Lily.

The single is also significant because it is the first time the band's longtime support bassist KenKen (of RIZE fame) participated in the recording process for an entire release. KenKen has been performing live with the band since the passing of original member IKUZONE in 2012, but frontman Kj has recorded the bass for all of the band's recent works except for the track The Live feat. KenKen from their 2014 album THE FACES.
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