First Album from Avanchick

news - 09.21.2016 11:16
source: OHP
Visual kei band Avanchick will release their first full album on November 30th.

Ashita moshi sekai ga owattemo will be available in two editions, each containing 11 tracks. These will include their previously released singles Maria, To Heart, Eternal, Hitorigoto, Jibaku, Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji and Jinsei Game. Each edition will have an exclusive track. Type A will have Pierrot, while Type B will feature Owakare.

Both versions will also come with a bonus DVD. Type A's DVD will have the music video for the title track, while Type B's will contain the video for Nee...kami-sama? instead.

The PV for Jinsei Game can be viewed below.

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