First Best-Of Album from Back Drop Cinderella

news - 08.21.2016 19:36
source: OHP
Rock band Back Drop Cinderella are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their formation this year. To mark the occasion, they will release their first best-of album, BEST desu, on November 2nd.

The album will include 18 songs selected from their 2011 album Cinderella wa unzaunza o odoru and onwards that are representative of the band's sound or staples of their live shows. Eight of these tracks have been re-recorded for the compilation. In addition, the album will have two new tracks, bringing the total up to 20 songs. Shortly after the release, Back Drop Cinderella will head out on their Best na unzaunza o odoru tour, which will kick off on November 6th at TSUTAYA O-WEST.

Formed in 2006, Back Drop Cinderella have attracted a devoted following in Japan's indie rock scene due to their unique sound, which mixes punk rock together with influences from metal, Irish music, ska and countless other genres.

Back Drop Cinderella also just released a cover album titled Ironna kyoku de unzaunza o odotte mita in May. The video for their cover of Hayami Kentarou and Shigemori Ayumi's Dango san kyoudai can be viewed below, followed by Bourei to unzaunza o odoru, a track featured on the best-of album.

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