Raphael Live Tour 2016

news - 11.11.2015 10:35
source: OHP
Visual kei band Raphael have announced that they will go on a nationwide tour for the first time in 15 years. Titled Raphael Live Tour 2016 “Iyashikoya”, it will start in May 2016. The tour will be preceded by a live called "Ao no Kaikou", which will be held in commemoration of guitarist Kazuki.

Raphael was formed in 1997 when the members were only 15 and in three years the band became famous enough to play at the legendary Budokan. Unfortunately, in 2000 their guitarist and main composer Kazuki passed away and in 2001 Raphael stopped their activities.

After that, the band appeared once again in 2012 with the re-recorded single eternal wish ~Todokanu Kimi e~ containing some previously unreleased songs. They also held two concerts in memory of Kazuki and released the live DVD Tenshi no Hinoki Butai Dai Ni Ya "Kokuchumu", which eventually reached number nine on the Oricon chart.

You can find detailed information about the dates and tickets of the new tour on Raphael's official website.
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