Dragon Ash Frontman Kj Launches Solo Project

news - 03.15.2015 20:10
Dragon Ash frontman Kj has launched a solo project under his full name, Kenji Furuya.

Furuya has been at the forefront of the Japanese rock scene for nearly twenty years with his genre-bending band, and while he has produced and guested on a number of works for other artists, this will be his first solo venture.

The theme of the project is "Everything Becomes The Music". It has also been stated that Furuya will not just compose all the music and lyrics for this project, he will record all of the instruments himself.

Furuya has wasted no time getting started. His first solo single Swallow Dive is already available on iTunes. Check out the special site launched for the project and his new Youtube channel in the coming weeks for more updates.

You can watch a short teaser video for the project below.

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