Life-Size Pillow with New GACKT Single

news - 08.04.2014 10:46
source: OHP
GACKT has announced a very unusual single to be released on October 1st.

The premium edition of Akatsukizukyo - DAY BREAKERS- will contain the title track plus an orchestral and instrumental version and a DVD with a music video for it. Ordinary enough, you might think, but it doesn't stop there. This edition will feature a very special CD jacket: a 1800 x 600mm life-sized body pillow of GACKT himself. What's more, he can be undressed!

The premium edition of Akatsukizukyo - DAY BREAKERS- is highly limited, and it will only be available for purchase via GACKT's online store or through the G&LOVERS mailing list. Unfortunately, the deadline for reservations was July 23rd.

The single is also available in two other editions. A limited edition with a bonus DVD and a CD-only version.
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