indies - disbanded (2005 - 2011)
Irokui. is a band of many colors, quite literally in the case of Yuuri's hair, but also in style, having formed with the idea of absorbing different colors (indicated in their name). By embracing different styles, the band's sound ranges from cute and cheerful to deranged and heavy, though there's always a strong melodic component. Their visual style is just as diverse. They typically appear in very elaborate and colorful ensembles, though at times they favor a simpler look. Always challenging themselves, their concept is to be "Yui itsu mu ni," "the one and only."
line up
  • Bass: Ritsu [2005 / 2011 - gone]
  • Guitar: Shuuta [2006 / 2011 - gone]
  • Guitar: Makoto [0000 / 2006 - gone]
  • Drums: Nono [0000 / 2006 - gone]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
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