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According to their own statements, CATSUOMATICDEATH is both an alternative and occult grunge rock'n'roll band. The name of the band was derived from vocalist ACEKAY's favorite meal, the "Catsuo" fish, which can be ordered in Japanese sushi restaurants.

ACEKAY, who is responsible for everything concerning the band, was inspired by famous bands such as Iggy and the Stooges and The Doors as well as by legendary Japanese singer Ozaki Yutaka.

While the influence of the first two can be clearly heard in the band's music, the latter's influence can be seen in the lyrics.

On the band's homepage ACEKAY explains their style in the following way:

1. English prose texts used for lyrics, 2. heavy guitars, 3. the rhythm of James Brown and John Bonham, 4. Kimonos and 5. top hats. All this ends up "banally" as "prose rock'n'roll made by Japanese with a Japan fetish".
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  • Bass: IKUNO [2007 / 2007 - gone - support member]
  • Bass: HIKARI ISHITANI [2006 / 2007 - gone - support member]
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