The Candy Spooky Theater

ザ キャンディー スプーキー シアター

also known as:   Candy Spooky Theater (The)  
indies - hiatus (2003 - 2014)
The concept of The Candy Spooky Theater expresses "a horror world like an overturned toy box." This blend of the macabre and playful is reflected in both their dark, whimsical music, which contains elements of deathrock and children's nursery rhymes, and their bizarre styling.

The members refer to themselves as "Living Dead Spooky Dolls" and their stage shows are elaborately staged events that feature pumpkin heads and other Halloween paraphernalia, whips, straight jackets, a sparking electric chair, an MCing puppet called Tsutomu (which has even released a message CD) and and electric upright bass called Linda-chan.

The Candy Spooky Theater have been on hiatus since June 2014.
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