indies - disbanded (2006 - 2011)
Newly signed to Speed Disk, one of the biggest visual kei labels, UnsraW is doing everything they can to be one of the flagship bands of tomorrow's visual world.

Musically speaking, Yuuki, the vocalist, is the inner essence of UnsraW since he writes both the music and lyrics for the band's songs. At times the other members take part in composing the music, but the majority falls on Yuuki and Shou, since the drums are the only instrument that Yuuki does not play himself.

Another distinguishing factor is their look. Speed-Disk is really going all-out for this band by dressing them in ID Japan outfits (a famous Japanese clothing design firm that specializes in making visual kei costumes) and having them wear monstrous masks designed by Screaming Mad George who has also designed for hide, PENICILLIN, X JAPAN and other famous artists.
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