major - active (1993 - )
No matter how hard it rains, no matter if you are snowed in on the first day of the new year: Ketsumeishi will make it summer! The quartet's music, a blend of hip-hop and reggae with occasionally some other styles thrown in, is almost always sounding cheerful and will remind you of a summer's day on the beach.
Their lyrics are often about themes such as nature, love and peace, matching perfectly with the vocals and rap and the incredibly catchy rhythms will make it hard for you to sit still!

Another fact which is worth mentioning about Ketsumeishi is their music videos. A good number of them are like small stories which, in turn, makes them look like small dorama and it's no surprise that these videos won some important Japanese awards.

The band has been immensely popular in Japan lately: three of their four albums have ranked first on the oricon charts and Sakura, their most popular single to date, has almost sold more than 1,000,000 units.
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