major - active (1989 - )
LUNA SEA's music is very difficult to define. The band possesses a unique style that combines darker genres such as punk, metal and gothic rock with ethereal ballads and catchy pop tunes. This makes the band equally accessible to both their original visual kei fanbase and their more mainstream fans. This signature sound, combined with shocking costumes and make-up, made LUNA SEA one of the most influential visual kei bands of their time.

Their music is unpredictable, seeming to re-invent itself with each new release. In fact, besides the mysterious atmosphere of their songs, J’s fast, driving basslines and RYUICHI's charismatic vocals, very little seems to stay consistent from one album to the next. This constant evolution is surely one of the band’s main strengths, and it has helped them remain one of Japan’s most respected rock bands to this day.

LUNA SEA originally ceased activities in 2000, but in 2010 they announced a full reunion. Since then, they have not only released new material, but have also toured both nationally and overseas.
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