major - deceased (1993 - 1998)
One of the better known guitarists in the Japanese music scene, hide first caught the public's eye when he was still a member of X JAPAN. When the influential band disbanded in 1997, hide stretched his wings musically with a solo career and the band Zilch.

His music is difficult to peg into any one category; while the music he played in X JAPAN was often heavy metal, his solo career brought fans some very different tunes. Some songs had industrial or electronic touches while other were soulful ballads and others yet were catchy rock. It is of no surprise then that so many of his songs, as well as the man himself, are still so well-loved to this day.
line up
  • Guitar: Kiyoshi [support member]
  • Bass: Chirolyn [support member]
  • Programming, Percussion: INA [support member]
  • Guitar: K.A.Z [support member]
  • Keyboard: D.I.E. [support member]
  • Drums: Joe [support member]
  • Guitar: PATA [1993 / 1997 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: RAN [1993 / 1994 - gone - support member]
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