indies - disbanded (2001 - 2006)
SULFURIC ACID was active in the visual kei indie scene for about five years. The band’s sound started off being dark and gothic but after the addition of guitarist HIZAKI, it changed to incorporate more synth and organ elements along with HIZAKI’s eminent guitar skills. During their short career, they earned themselves quite a reputation for being over-the-top and unashamed of their sexuality, especially when it comes to vocalist MASAKI.

All in all, SULFURIC ACID was above par when compared to some of today’s acts and with each release and sold-out live, they proved that there was nowhere for them to go but up.
line up
  • Bass: Yu~u [2002 / 2003 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: wayne (ex-Koji) [2002 / 2004 - gone - support member]
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