Uchusentai NOIZ


also known as:   NOIZ  
indies - active (1999 - )
Uchusentai NOIZ, often compared to Psycho le Cemu, is a cosplay band with dynamic sounds and a futuristic look. Assuming the roles of soldiers from space, they are decidedly serious about protecting peace on Earth with music.

Their style, a combination of techno, electronic, hard rock, and one-of-a-kind vocals, has a little something for any listener.
line up
  • Guitar: TAKEswiy [1999 / 2009 - gone]
  • Drums: S@TT-ON [1999 / 2009 - gone]
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Femme Fatale 09/23

Femme Fatale
Niigata - Japan
GOLDENPIGS (Red Stage, Black Stage and Yellow Stage)
Femme Fatale 09/26

Femme Fatale
Kanazawa city, Ishikawa ken - Japan
Kanazawa AZ