major - active (1985 - )
BUCK-TICK was one of the pioneering bands of the visual kei movement, and they have remained a force both on the charts and on the Japanese rock scene for over thirty years. With a sound that dips freely into rock, pop, darkwave, gothic rock, punk, and more, and lyrics ranging from violently sexual to sweet and sentimental, they are a truly multi-faceted group, not content with being boxed into one genre. This daring exploration has earned them the respect of an incredibly diverse range of artists and fans, both in Japan and abroad.

In the early years the band could often be found sporting foot-high hair, gas masks, fish-net stockings, ladies' scarves and matador gear. However, their look became less extreme over time, and they have now settled on sleek, dark suits and trench coats, and, with the exception of drummer Toll Yagami, more natural hairstyles.
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