major - active (1996 - )
OBLIVION DUST is an alternative rock band. Their early work was heavily influenced by grunge, but they later evolved to a more straightforward rock sound. One aspect of the band that stands out in the Japanese rock scene is that vocalist Ken Lloyd is half-British and speaks fluent English. This allows for a large portion of their lyrics to be written and sung in the language, and for him to communicate easily with international fans.

While the band has fared well on the charts throughout its career, many of the members of OBLIVION DUST went on to form even more successful projects after its disbandment in 2001. Most notably, Ken formed FAKE? with INORAN of LUNA SEA and guitarist K.A.Z formed VAMPS with HYDE.

OBLIVION DUST reunited in 2007 and, while the members are all busy with other projects, they continue to make time to record and perform together.
line up
  • Bass: Ju-ken [2001 / 2001 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: PABLO [2007 / 2011 - gone - support member]
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