Jinkaku Radio


indies - hiatus (2000 - 2012)
Jinkaku Radio has been active since 2001 and have been acting in their original stance from the beginning. Despite not looking or sounding like a typical visual kei band, they are usually categorized as one.

Through their music, they captivate the audience with their songs, which strongest points are undoubtedly the intriguing melodies, guided by captivating arrangements. With putting careful thoughts into their song writing, their releases are a little sparse.

Their live performances are unique as well, where you will be invited into Jinkaku Radio’s original atmosphere. A prominent part of their shows is when the fan-favorite Oningyousan is played, during which a doll is kicked around.
line up
  • Guitar: Maya [2000 / 2001 - gone - support member]
  • Drums: Mai [2002 / 2004 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: Rai [2003 / 2006 - gone - support member]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
  • euroWH