FictionJunction YUUKA

major - hiatus (2003 - 2009)
FictionJunction YUUKA is an anison duo formed in 2003 by vocalist Nanri Yuuka and famed composer Kajiura Yuki.

The two first crossed paths in the late '90s, when Kajiura was composing musicals for Aoyama-based youth stage troupe Nansho, of which the then-teenaged Nanri was a member. They reunited in 2003 when Kajiura approached Yuuka to record a song for the anime series "Mobile Gundam Suit SEED". This marked the formal start of FictionJunction YUUKA.

Two studio albums and several anime theme songs followed over the next six years. The duo have been on de facto hiatus since 2009, but they reunited in 2014 for a special two-night stand at Nakano Sun Plaza.
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