major - disbanded (2008 - 2017)
Formed in 2008, WHITE ASH was a four-piece rock band influenced by UK rock groups such as Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys. The band’s powerful guitar rock sound quickly attracted attention from fans and critics alike, winning them first prize at the ROCK IN JAPAN-sponsored contest “RO69JACK2010” in 2010 and the “New Blood Prize” from CD SHOP CHART 2013.

Following their major debut in May 2013, the band’s single Crowds was chosen as the theme for the anime “Gatchaman Crowds” and they performed at many major rock festivals, including ROCK IN JAPAN and SUMMER SONIC, helping them to gain popularity at an impressive rate both in their home country and overseas. While the band remained fairly successful and scored many more anime and video game tie-ups in the years that followed, WHITE ASH suddenly disbanded in March 2017 for unspecified reasons.
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