major - active (1999 - )
Proudly hailing from the city of Kyoto, ROTTENGRAFFTY have an energetic mixture rock sound that seems to effortlessly combine elements of hip-hop, punk, metal, hardcore and ska. The members pride themselves on their live performances, and their passionate shows and diverse releases have drawn the attention of not just a loyal fanbase, but also artists like Dragon Ash bassist IKUZONE and J from LUNA SEA, who both took it upon themselves to aid the band during difficult periods in their career.

In 2015, after a decade as an indie band following their departure from KING RECORDS in 2005, ROTTENGRAFFTY signed with Getting Better, a division of the major label Victor Entertainment, launching a new era in their career. Their single 70cm shihou no madobe was also used as an ending theme for the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Super" in 2017, which won them many new fans both in their home country and overseas.
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