also known as:   NOVEMBERS, THE  
indies - active (2005 - )
THE NOVEMBERS is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in 2005. Their sound ranges from aggressive rock, filled with pulsing bass and intense guitar solos, to shoegaze-y introspective tracks and dreamy pop-rock. They’re also not afraid to experiment and reach outside the conventions of the “rock” genre, incorporating instruments such as trumpet and saxophone, synthesizer and strings into their music.

Frontman Yusuke Kobayashi chooses his words carefully, often writing with a concept in mind and considering multiple meanings. His ability to slide fluidly between heartfelt, gentle singing and raw, violent screams also gives the band a strong emotional depth that makes even his most cryptic lyrics connect with the listener on a visceral level.

A highly ambitious band, THE NOVEMBERS have recently begun to turn their attention overseas.
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