indies - active (2007 - )
Characterized by a loud and rough stylishness, young neo visual kei band vistlip has been attracting a growing, enthusiastic fan base since their appearance on the scene. The band expresses uniquely realistic lyrics and combines hip-hop, pop and rock in heavy and melodious tunes.
author: Ruka (2009-02-16)
line up
vistlip formed on the auspicious date of July 7, 2007 with members from all over Japan: vocalist Tomo from Fukuoka, Kyushu, Tokyo-born guitarists Yuh and Umi, who also does rap vocals and is responsible for bringing the group together, bassist Rui from Hyogo and Kanagawa native Tohya on drums.

They started out performing at various live houses in Tokyo, and by the end of April 2008 vistlip had put out their first release, the mini-album Revolver. They also released a music video for one of its tracks, Edy. In August, they performed as the opening act for CELLT on their oneman tour Kaettekita Ultra C, and in September they began a campaign of three consecutive monthly single releases, the last of which was drop note., based on the theme of "Smile and Voice." At the end of the year, they treated their fans to a digital release of their song Dead Cherry.

Now, in 2009, another mini-album, Patriot, is scheduled for release in April. In keeping with their pattern so far, one version will include a music video, this time for the song Eve.

The young band has already established itself as one of the up and coming groups to keep an eye on, with a consistent release rate and high quality live performances; we look forward to seeing how they will progress from here.
author: Ruka (2009-02-16)

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