indies - disbanded (2003 - 2006)
HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ was a band from Nagoya whose music was dark. Although they never achieved much success and suffered from a inactive phase, the band was known to be the connecting history between Yumehito from Soroban and ayabie, Yusuke from lynch., and HISAYOSHI from ClearVeil.

HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ didn't sound like your average visual kei band even though most of the members were quite young while playing together. Their sound was heavy and vocalist Hari's deep growls and screams were impressive. Hari was also said to be female according to the sound of her voice and features, which made the band even more interesting.
author: Katrin (2008-08-05)
line up
  • Guitar: Yumehito [2003 / 2004 - gone]
  • Drums: Yuuki [2003 / 2004 - gone]
HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ was formed in 2003 by vocalist Hari, guitarist Hisui (currently in lynch. using the name Yusuke), guitarist Yumehito (while in Primrose), bassist HISAYOSHI and drummer Yuuki. The band slowly started their activities by having live performs, but but suddenly in March 2004 they lost two of their founding members, Yumehito and Yuuki for reasons unknown. The band then halted activities until they found a session drummer named Sencho, who eventually became an official member in September of the same year. HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ continued activities as a 4-member band.

The band began building a fan base when their activities boosted off with a busy tour-schedule in 2005, following the release of their first and only public release, interior of the womb. The mini-album was released at their live at HOLIDAY NAGOYA on October 22nd and later became available at Like an Edison stores on November 20th. Sadly, after just two lives in 2006 HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ announced that they would disband and their last live would be held on June 29th at ell.FITS ALL in Nagoya. At their last live their first and only single mukei no koe was distributed.
author: Katrin (2008-08-05)

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