major - active (2006 - )
Categorized as an angura kei band and often compared to artists like Kalimero and MUCC, heidi. has been catching the attention of fans worldwide since their birth.

With music that crosses a variety of genres, the band is unique and a fresh face in the indies scene. Now at their fifth anniversary, heidi. is steadily making their way to the top and has a bright future ahead.
author: Sanaka, Meg and Scottie (2011-07-10)
line up
heidi. first broke into the visual kei scene through secret events around Tokyo during February 2006. heidi.'s first one-man, and official start date, was June 3rd at Ikebukuro CYBER. This was a free concert called 「birth・day」, which gave the band a chance to show fans what they were made of. Their first single, yuuyake to kodomo/maria, was sold at this live. Their first mini-album, doukoku, sold out quickly even though the band hadn't been around for very long.

heidi.'s 2006 schedule was full of concerts and tours, including shows with other bands such as Jully and gechena, but this didn't stop them from releasing new material. They had two songs on the omnibus albums Shock Edge 2006 and SHOCKWAVE CD Edition 6. On November 15th, they released their second single, Clover. This single reached 11th place on the Oricon Indies Chart.

In February 2007, two of their songs appeared on the compilation album CANNONBALL vol.3. A few days later a second press of doukoku was released, and a month later they announced that their first full length album, kasou, would be their first release on their new record label 0 market. A release tour called Uzu no soto kept them busy from the end of April to mid-May, where they played at eight different venues throughout Japan.

At the end of May, heidi. held a one-man at Shibuya O-West, and just one week later, the band celebrated their one year anniversary at Shodai DOORS. Both events were sold out. After a short reprieve, heidi. kicked off the second leg of their tour, steadily appearing at events. Their schedule carried them right through the summer and into the fall before releasing the single Synchro/Hyururi at the end of October.

2008 was another year full of activities for heidi. as they participated in many two-man events with Jully and appeared as guests on various one-man tours, including girugamesh's. heidi. continued to cram their schedule with shows, not even breaking for the release of their album, Innocence, at the end of April. In May, the band performed at the tenth hide tribute event, where they played alongside legends such as X JAPAN and LUNA SEA.

On June 3rd, they celebrated their second anniversary at Takadanobaba AREA while on the Innocence tour of 2008, which sold out several dates in June. The lengthy tour took the band across Japan several times and saw the release of their next maxi single, Orange Drama, in early November. Finally, the band wrapped up the tour at SHIBUYA-AX on November 16th and took a well deserved breather.

2009 rang in the new year with more live events, including the heidi., lynch. and Sadie three-man tour COUNTER CULTURE, which spanned Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. As spring approached, heidi. participated in many more shows. By May, the band saw the release of their highly anticipated new album, Tsubasa.

Taking a small break, heidi. kicked off their third anniversary tour, ashita na ki tsubasa, on June 3rd that year at Tokyo Nippon Seinenkan and played through the month, appearing at Jully's release party event on July 17.

After another release and tour, 2010 arrived and with it came the announcement that heidi. was going major. A few singles and an album, Senkou Mellow, came out under the Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan label that year. The band also participated on the CRUSH! 90's V-Pop Best Hit Cover Songs album, lending their rendition of hide’s classic, Pink Spider, to the project.

Ensuring 2011 will be just as big for them as the year before it, heidi. performed in North America for the first time. Their US debut took place at the Californian anime convention known as AM2 in July. With this show under their belts and a major label backing them up, things can only go up from here for this quartet!
author: Sanaka, Meg and Scottie (2011-07-10)