indies - disbanded (2001 - 2002)
NEW SODMY was created by KAMIJO and Mayu after LAREINE's activity pause in 2001. With a new guitarist and bassist, they started activities, which lasted for a little over a year. Though their releases were few, they filled the gaps with numerous live performances and other appearances.

Considering the fact that two of NEW SODMY's members were from LAREINE, their sound had some similarities, but was a bit edgier with a harder rock style.
author: Chantel (2009-02-12)
line up
  • Guitar: Mayu [2001 / 2002 - gone]
Shortly after Machi, Emiru, and Mayu left LAREINE and KAMIJO paused the band's activities, he was contacted by former guitarist, Mayu and together they created NEW SODMY. While they decided to leave the drummer's position open for various support members, they did recruit a second guitarist, Aya (Blue-B), and a bassist, YOU (Arege).

Officially beginning activity in the fall of 2001, they spent the preceding months preparing for their debut. They released two singles, White Lie and Jealousy, both with the option of being purchased in either CD or cassette tape format, and each version being limited to 1000 copies. Due in large part to devoted fans who followed KAMIJO and Mayu from LAREINE, NEW SODMY had quite a fan base right from the start.

Their next release, a single titled Style, went on sale in January of 2002 and just a couple of months later Mayu decided to leave the band. While he did return for another short stint with the band, he officially left before their tour that April. NEW SODMY continued with just one guitarist and distributed a promo single during their aforementioned tour.

Over the summer they released two full-length albums, Confess to a Crime and Confess to a Love. With songs that were similar in sound to those of LAREINE, and some that were remixed or rearranged LAREINE songs, many of the former band's embellishments were replaced with a hard rock edge. During this time period they also toured and participated in multi-band concerts with the dead pop stars and Transtic Nerve. Following their August 27th live, NEW SODMY suddenly disbanded.

Shortly thereafter, KAMIJO and Mayu met up again and decided to revive LAREINE, much to the delight of their fans. However the revival did not last long and the band disbanded on Halloween 2006. Since then, KAMIJO has worked with Kanoma (ex-Fatima) for several special events throughout December. He also participates in multi-artist stage shows, which feature the likes of Kaya (ex-Schwarz Stein) and Juka (ex-Moi dix Mois). In 2007 he formed Versailles with HIZAKI (ex-Sulfuric Acid) and has been doing well.

Aya and YOU joined Free, formerly known as Chronosphere. When the band disbanded, they joined Glamorous Honey and Aya changed his name to K. There is still no news as to Mayu's whereabouts.
author: Chantel (2009-02-12)

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