major - disbanded (1994 - 2006)
CRAZE was a band made up of four musicians, who had been around since the 80's. They were a really remarkable and influential group, and today, many of the younger bands mention CRAZE as their favorite. CRAZE's vocalist changed three times during their career, but their music remained the same hard, punkish rock.
author: Yukionna - translation: Yukionna (2009-01-29)
line up
CRAZE was formed in 1994 after Zi:Kill and BODY had disbanded. The first line-up featured Ichiro aka Cipher (ex-D'erlanger) on guitar, Seiichi (ex-Zi:Kill) on bass and Tetsu (ex-D'erlanger) on drums. Some sites mention two vocalists, but not much are known about them, and CRAZE never released anything with them.

In 1995, CRAZE got their first official vocalist: Kenichi Fujisaki (ex-Aion) CRAZE's first single NAKED BLUE was released in September, and soon after it was followed by the album BE CRAZY. CRAZE kept releasing new material: some videos, singles and an album named THAT'S LIFE in November 1997. In December Kenichi left the band. Soon thereafter, CRAZE got a new vocalist named Toyokazu Ogata later in December.

CRAZE's first release with their new vocalist Toyokazu was the single hearts and a little later the album ZERO in early 1998. The live album, live [liv], was released during Toyokazu's time as a vocalist, but the songs were recorded when Kenichi was still the vocalist. The album ware ware, war was released in early 1999, but a few months later, Toyokazu decided to leave CRAZE. The third vocalist of CRAZE was Shinichiro Suzuki who he joined CRAZE in August 1999.

By 2000, CRAZE released only one album, ZtsG~code_number_7043~, with Shinichiro on vocals, but he left CRAZE in shortly after its release July. A new vocalist graced the scene named Tusk, who had played with several members of CRAZE years ago. It seemed as though Tusk would fit in CRAZE very well. CRAZE's first release with Tusk was baby punks 2000 single, which was a re-recorded version of an older song.

CRAZE’s first album craze with Tusk was released in March 2001. About five months later they released a compilation album, THE GROTESQUE HITS, which includes newly recorded versions of old songs. The album 4/4'll b unknown was released in 2002 and it was followed by tour glory_ways... unknown JAPAN TOUR 2002. A year later SPIRAL came out. Two mini-albums, Core and Slick, were released simultaneously in September 2004.

2005 brought new recordings, including two live DVDs, both recorded during their tour THE HUMAN LEAGUE CIRCUIT 2004, were released in May. The DVDs were so popular they were placed in the Oricon top 5 the first day of the release. CRAZE celebrated their 10th anniversary, stupidxc anniversary #01, by performing their best songs on four concerts during the spring and summer of 2005. However, despite their new line up's promise, Tusk left the band by the winter, and the band announced in 2006 their intention to disband. As a result, CRAZE dissolved shortly after their show at Shibuya AX in January.
author: Yukionna - translation: Yukionna (2009-01-29)

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