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Reminiscent of western punk bands like the Ramones, Lucy is an in your face, roaring guitars, pounding drums, dance, and we mean NOW kind of rock band.

Band members Imai Hisashi, Kiyoshi, and Okazaki Katsushige describe their style as "Rockin', not Rock and Roll." Lucy oozes style in both their lives and their PVs, usually sporting suits and playing their Fernandes custom coffin shaped guitars.

Their original blend of rock, punk and electronica makes their sound stand out from each member’s main project, and marks their music as undeniably "Lucy".
author: Bow (2008-07-07)
line up
Lucy was started in 2004 as a side project for BUCK-TICK's Imai Hisashi, Age of Punk's Okazaki Katsushige, and machine's Kiyoshi. Having been friends and drinking buddies for years, the trio often toyed with the idea of working together, but in 2004 the timing was finally right and Lucy was born.

The band draws their name from the manga character Lucy Monostone, who was a counter-culture leader, artist and terrorist.

In June, the band released their first album, Rockarollica, which they state is a tribute to the late HIDE (Ex- X JAPAN). The album sports a wide variety of styles, from the punk-esque DOUBLE BIG BANG, to the electronica beat of ANACONDA A GOGO. Songs like GAGA DISCO, with its signature Imai "Special Disco Dance", quickly became fan favorites at their live shows.

They supported their first release with a summer tour, which consisted of a whopping 18 shows back to back. After only three days off, they wrapped up the tour with 3 more shows, ending at the Cafe LE PSYENCE on July 11th.

Lucy remained fairly quiet after this, until the release of their first live DVD, Lucy show - Shout, Speed, Shake your Rockarollica, in November.

2005 saw only three Lucy lives. Of these, two were Lucy presents: Night of the Hybrid Lucy shows, during which the band was joined on stage by other artists, such as Kiyoharu.

Once again, Lucy fell off the radar until the release of their first single, BULLETS -Shooting Superstar-, in March of 2006. The single debuted on the Oricon charts at number 14, and the PV quickly became a fan favorite.

The following month saw the release of their second album, Rockarollica II. In May of the same year, they began their 19 date Lucy Show 002 tour.

November brought the release of two more live DVDs, Lucy Show 002: LIVE at STUDIO COAST and Lucy Show 002: LIVE at UNIT. Since the release of these DVDs, all three band members have returned to their own individual projects, but Lucy fans eagerly await their next release.

The most notable thing about Lucy is how much fun they have at their lives. With songs that, to quote Imai, are "Stupid, but not too stupid," this is a band that doesn't take itself too seriously. This light hearted, have-fun attitude has endeared them to their fans, who will be waiting when Lucy once again returns.
author: Bow (2008-07-07)

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