indies - disbanded (2001 - 2006)
SULFURIC ACID was active in the visual kei indie scene for about five years. The band’s sound started off being dark and gothic but after the addition of guitarist HIZAKI, it changed to incorporate more synth and organ elements along with HIZAKI’s eminent guitar skills. During their short career, they earned themselves quite a reputation for being over-the-top and unashamed of their sexuality, especially when it comes to vocalist MASAKI.

All in all, SULFURIC ACID was above par when compared to some of today’s acts and with each release and sold-out live, they proved that there was nowhere for them to go but up.
author: J (2009-07-11)
line up
  • Bass: Yu~u [2002 / 2003 - gone - support member]
  • Guitar: wayne (ex-Koji) [2002 / 2004 - gone - support member]
SULFURIC ACID was created in 2002 by MASAKI (ex BACK BONE) on vocals and TOMOZO, formerly of LUAZY, SoAK and Sequence Records label owner on guitar. Later, the two were joined by SEIJI (ex CANVASE) on drums. In order to work with a full line-up, they started off with the support members Koji on guitar and Yu-u on bass.

In October of that year, the band held their first secret live. In February 2003, they held their first one-man, in which audience admission was free and the single SULFURIC ACID was distributed. A twenty date tour, Toumei FOUR_SIX_FOUR_NINE, began towards the end of the year with the final held in November.

July 21st, Yu-u left to join Cryella and Yanagi took his position. Towards the end of the year, SULFURIC ACID took part in an omnibus from their label Sequence Records.

Their first mini-album was released on March 15th, 2004, and was entitled Sulfur Drug. They then held a one-man tour from July to September with the final in Meguro Rock May Kan. Only a few days after this, Koji left the band.

After another maxi was released in March 2005, the charismatic and very well known guitarist in the visual kei circles, HIZAKI, (ex Schwardix Marvally) was recruited. MASAKI had previously worked with HIZAKI on HIZAKI's solo project Dance With Grace and thought that HIZAKI would be a nice addition to the band. Since joining, HIZAKI has brought along his powerful composition style and masterful guitar technique and combined them with SULFURIC ACID’s existing sound. The band released two singles at the end of the year with each one coming in two different versions.

The following year brought the mini-album salfjuerik aesid and a photo book with the suggestive title SEXUALITY FILE (TOMOZOxMASAKI). Unfortunately, at their October 8th one-man in Hamamatsu Force, SULFURIC ACID disbanded. The members had stated that it was almost impossible for the five of them to work together as a unit and that solo projects at that point would be better. As a 'parting gift' to their fans, the band released the CD and DVD set Kyousei In'you[03-06]Ongenshuu on October 11th, which featured digest clips from old and new songs.

The majority of the band members remained active in the music scene. MASAKI has been part of various session bands and TOMOZO continued his activities with his label Sequence Records and started up a new band, Black:List, with which he performed in Europe before disbanding in 2008. HIZAKI teamed up with KAMIJO of LAREINE fame and started the band Versailles. Yanagi is currently part of SwallowtaiL and it seems that SEIJI left the music scene in its entirety.
author: J (2009-07-11)

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