also known as:   Dirty Trashroad  
major - disbanded (1994 - 2009)
Dirty Trashroad, or D.T.R. for short, consisted of a rag-tag group of musicians that were formerly a part of other various rock projects and groups. They formed in the mid 90s and were one of the few Japanese groups that could actually be described as “melodic heavy metal.” D.T.R. songs featured all English lyrics, powerful melodies with a driving, throbbing rhythm, strong vocals and Fujimoto Taiji’s masterful guitar technique. The fact that ex X bassist Taiji was also a member just added to their popularity. While they were only around for a very short time, they left a very strong impact on the metal world and the former members can still be found today in other musical units and projects.
author: J (2008-09-25)
line up
After bassist Sawada Taiji left legendary bands X and Loudness, he created a new project called D.T.R.. Taiji was soon joined by Fujimoto Taiji (ex Judy and Mary and DANCER) and Kuroda Tonoyuki on guitars, Okabe Toshihiko on drums and Takeuchi Mitsuo (ex JOE-ERK) on vocals.

D.T.R.'s first album, Dirty Trash Road, was released in July. The songs on the album were very heavily influenced by the American rock they paid homage to. An acoustic version of this album introduced two new members to D.T.R.: Ichiro on guitars and Komori Shigeo on keyboards. In September, a live VHS was released as well as a book, both of which contained the name Drive To Revolution. It was then that Toshihiko decided to leave.

Without replacing Toshihiko, D.T.R. released their second album and single Chain. This was the only release not following the D.T.R. naming format its predecessors carried. This album was very innovative yet stayed within the sound that the band was well known for.

D.T.R.'s final album consisted of live versions and remixes of their previous releases. At their August 1st, 1996 live, Mitsuo decided to leave. Without a vocalist, the remaining members did not wish to continue on and disbanded for good.

After seemingly disappearing from the music scene, Mitsuo reappeared in 2003 with the group HOT ROD CRUE. Fujimoto Taiji joined Groove Master and after they disbanded, he became a part of the dead pop stars as well as Otokaze. Taiji went on to form Cloud Nine and is currently a member of Otokaze.
author: J (2008-09-25)

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