major - disbanded (1985 - 1991)
Kamaitachi were a punk band from the 80's. With their big, bright coloured hair, lots of make-up and extreme outfits they are labelled as visual kei by a lot of people, but they never labelled themselves as such. Their style was happy sounding punk music, Sceana's slightly high-pitched voice fitted their tunes perfectly.

Kamaitachi were also one of the first bands featured on the cover of SHOXX magazine.
author: Yoosh - translation: Kay (2008-10-18)
line up
  • Guitar: Andy [1985 / 1988 - gone]
The band was formed in 1985 by Ken Chan (drums) and Mogwai (bass) in Kyoto. Their first lives were in the following year and around that time Sceana joined them, characterising their music from then on with his unique voice. When they started to tour and perform in Tokyo they distributed various demo tapes to the audience, which are worth about a 10,000 yen nowadays.

In 1989 Kazzy replaced Andy on guitar as he left the band, and in the same year they released their first video: Doku batsu shugi. The 1000 copies released sold out almost immediately.

Dynamite Tommy, a well-known producer nowadays, of the label Free Will took special interest in the band. In September they released their first album Itachigokko which did not even reach the shops because it was already sold out on pre-orders. The second press of the album was called Super Itachigokko and sold well too.

It wasn't too long before major labels began to take interest in them, this was probably partially due to the fact that visual kei bands were at this time becoming more widely accepted. The band signed a contract with Toy Factory and their video Kyouran butou kamachi kyouto ni KAERU which was their first release, ranked third on the Oricon Charts. In September followed their debut album Hachamecha Kyou.

Their second album JEKYLL TO HYDE ~ masturbation followed relatively soon after in 1991. However on June 26th, during a concert at the Hibuya Yagai Ongakudo, Kamaitachi announced their disbandment. In August they performed their final tour appropriately named Sayonara. The following month they released a best-of album named I LOVE YOU. To fulfil their recording contract commitment they released another video and a single.

Nowadays, Ken-chan calls himself by the name Kenzi, and formed various bands, amongst them Sisters no future, The Dead Pop Stars and the legendary session band ANTI FEMINISM. He also started his own label: Anarchist Records.
author: Yoosh - translation: Kay (2008-10-18)

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