Crack brain


indies - disbanded (1999 - 2002)
Crack Brain was a very under-appreciated band that broke up after only three years on the scene. Their music, not to mention their look, was typical visual kei material, changing frequently between lighthearted melodic songs and more aggressive rockers. Unfortunately, the band never released much, save for one maxi-single and one full-length CD.

Fans of Schwardix Marvally will notice that Hizaki and Airi started playing together in this band.
author: Scottie Wolfe (2008-08-05)
line up
  • Guitar: Shigure [1999 / 2001 - gone]
The band started off in April of 1999 with Yoshi on vocals, Hizaki and Shigure on guitars, Hizumi on bass and Mashiro on drums. Their first demo tape, Crack Diary, was released on July 18th that same year.

It wasn't a very groundbreaking demo, so their fanbase was still restricted to clubs and such. They eventually tried again one year later and recorded a second demo. This time, it sparked the market's curiosity, leading to their first maxi, Kankinshitsu no tobira (released April 2001).

A month after the maxi's release, the band decided to give away a video during one of their live shows. It garnered some attention, but not enough to expand their small but faithful fanbase.

The event that did attract new fans was the depature of Shigure in September of 2001, who was soon replaced by Airi, Madeth gray'll's ex-guitarist. New fans eagerly awaited new material, but it would take approximately five months before anything was released.

That release was their first and only full-length album, Reset. It was well received but failed to stir up enough attention for the boys to survive as a band. They eventually realized this and disbanded during the fall of 2002.

Hizaki and Airi went on to form Grotesque Romanticer, which in turn led to the creation of Schwardix Marvally. Hizaki also went solo, employing Yoshi's services as a support member from time to time. He also joined Sulfuric Acid in 2005 and is currently in the band Versailles.
author: Scottie Wolfe (2008-08-05)

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