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It seems that D'ERLANGER is one of those very early visual kei bands. Even though the term 'visual kei' had really not come up when they were around, they inspired and influenced other artists to create the kind of music that later became known as 'visual kei'.
author: Tanja and Lee Miller - translation: Kay (2008-04-24)
line up
The band was formed in December 1983 by Kaoru Miyahira, Cipher, Seela and Shido. About half a year later they had their first performance in May 1984 at the Osaka live house, Bourbon house. About a month later they had their first real performance at this live house as well. Cipher was only fifteen around this time! The first singer left the band, and in August 1984 he got replaced by Dizzy (Yoshifumi Fukui).

Their first two demo tapes The birth of splendide beast!! and Blue were finally released in 1985. On October 26th, 1986 they participated in an event at the Meguro Rock May Kan. New power metal audition was organized to celebrate the first anniversary of the independent label Mandrake root (the label is also known for its shop, Third Stage). On this label they released the single Girl, which was limited to 3000 copies and appeared in shops on February 20th, 1987. They also took part in the omnibus live album HUNGRY DAYS. Later they distributed a demo tape (100 copies) for free at concerts. It contained only one song: Sadistic emotion.

On August 1st, 1987, D'ERLANGER had their first one-man concert at the Meguro Rock May Kan. Not much later in October, Shido decided to leave the band. Tetsu (ex-Saver Tiger and Mephistopheles), who is from Kyoto, replaced him. With this new line-up they started their SCANDALOUS R&R SHOW XXXX (ikenai) TOUR.

While the band toured from one city to the next, Dizzy left the band in June 1988. A month later, on July 1st, Kyo, a young vocalist from Kyoto, became the new vocalist of the band. He had been with Tetsu in Saver Tiger, which was the former band of X Japan guitarist hide, as well.

On July 22nd they performed at the Osaka Bourbon House again, and on the 27th they had a one-man concert at the same place. The guys then decided it was time for their first album, which they released on the Danger Crue label in October. They went on tour again, this time the Sadistical punk tour '88. The tour had them as a support act for Reaction, a band on the same label. On December 31st they organized an event themselves, on which they had invited Rob (vocalist of Justy Nasty) as a guest.

Their next single La vie en rose was distributed for free in January 1989 (3000 copies). The album with the same name appeared on February 10th. The 3000 copies were sold out already with the pre-orders, and so they released another press in March, this time of 10,000 copies. Around this time D'ERLANGER participated in several events (especially with Justy Nasty) before they started on the second part of their tour Sadistic punk in June 1989.

On August 13th Kyo landed in the hospital after a rather silly accident. He had been drinking beer in a garden with his good friend hide (X Japan) and decided to climb a tree in order to better view a fireworks display. Unfortunately, he fell from the tree and broke a bone. He ended up in the hospital and left on September 16.

The album La vie en rose was released again on October 1st, this time at only 1000 copies, together with a single bearing the same name as a present (500 copies). On October 15th they released the video An aphrodidiac which contained three PVs. Danger Crue released 10,000 copies of it, which all sold out though pre-orders. La Vie en Rose was released once more, this time at 5000 copies which all sold out again in no time.

D'ERLANGER started on their Incarnation of Eroticism Tour, which ended at the Tokyo Hibiya yagai ongakudo. Because of the success of the tour, they retreated to the studio again and started to record their next album.

The year 1990 started well for the band as it saw them make their major label debut, signing with Ariola (a sub label of BMG). They released their first major single DARLIN' on January 24th, which ranked 9th on the Oricon charts. They started a nationwide tour entitled KID'S BLUE PYX '90. While they were still touring, they released the video Incarnation of Eroticism on February 7th, which was filmed on October 28th at the Hibiya yagai ongakudo in Tokyo. The video was a big success as well, and it ranked second on the Oricon charts.

Next to the release of the video, they also released their second album BASILISK on February 7th. It also did really well and it ranked 5th on the Oricon charts. In May they participated in a few events and also began making television appearances. Then, another tour followed: Ai to shi ti kou - Kotsu standing special tour.

D'ERLANGER's first photo book, named Kyomu no kumotsu was released on September 1st. Shortly after this, the single Lullaby -1990- followed. Afterwards, they turned back to the live houses with the MOON AND THE MEMORIES TOUR, which ended on October 31st in Osaka. During the tour, on October 3rd, they also released the video Kindan no tobira - Abstienences' door.

On November 19th the band announced they had reached a very hard decision, and the members of their fan club received a Christmas card with the following text: D'ERLANGER 1990/11/19 « kaisan »… To eternity. ‘Kaisan' means ‘to separate.' An official reason for their disbandment was never given.

Despite disbanding, they continued to release material over the years. First of all there was the photo book of the MOON AND THE MEMORIES TOUR, then on March 6th, 1991 they release two live videos: MOON AND THE MEMORIES TOUR… The Eternities - last live vol 1 and vol 2, which contained footage of their concerts from October 27th and 28th. On March 31st they released one video that contained both concerts. BMG released the indie-album La vie en rose on April 21st as a major version. Exactly four years later their two albums were once again released. In 2001, several of their videos got re-released on DVD as well.

So what became of them? Kyo formed part of Die in cries before venturing out on his own solo career. Recently he formed the band BUG (with Asaki, the guitarist of Guniw tool, Takashi ex- Die in cries and Furuton ex-Oblivion dust). Tetsu joined Zi:Kill for a time, and later with Cipher joined the band Craze (with the ex-singer of Zi:Kill). Seela became a support member for vinyl and formed some bands such as Fix, Atomic zaza and No stars innovation.

In 2007 D'ERLANGER returned to the scene in a big way, releasing Pandora, an album of old songs, and Lazzaro, a full CD of brand new material, both on March 14th. A little over a month later they played their first live in almost two decades in front of a packed crowd at Hibiya yaon Open Air with the same lineup they disbanded with: Kyo, Tetsu, Cipher and Seela. On September 22nd that year they hosted Abstinence's Door #1 with MUCC and Merry, which featured some covers of D'ERLANGER songs in their set lists. Kyo and Tatsurou had previously recorded a duet on La Vie en Rose which was featured on MUCC's 2006 album Cover Parade.

D'ERLANGER plans for 2008 to be a big year as well, planning to release another new full length album, The Price of Being a Rose is Loneliness, on April 30th. Shortly after they plan to hold their 25th anniversary live concert on May 6th, 2008. Both old fans and new have much to look forward to in the future as D'ERLANGER continues its amazing second life.
author: Tanja and Lee Miller - translation: Kay (2008-04-24)

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