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Ra:IN is mostly known as the current band of the legendary X JAPAN guitarist PATA. The quartet's music is mostly hard rock orientated and instrumental, though occasionally they perform with a guest vocalist. Next to performing in Japan, the band is also performed abroad in other Asian countries and in Europe.

All the band members have been part of the music business for a long time and have plenty of experience, so you can expect some high quality music from this band!
author: Kay (2008-05-10)
line up
Ra:IN was formed in 2002 by guitarist PATA (X JAPAN, former Dopeheadz), bassist Michiaki (former TENSAW) and drummer Tetsu Mukaiyama (former Red Warriors and Cocco). At the end of 2002 they started their activities and began with a short tour in December.

In February 2003, the band started to record a number of songs and the result was presented a few months later as they released the maxi-single The Border in April. A few months later, their first album The Line followed, which received a lot of praise by music critics. After the release of this album they embarked on a nation-wide tour and most of the concerts of the tour were sold out. Throughout the year, they carried out around a hundred live performances!

Their first steps out of Japan were made in 2004 as they performed at well-known events in Shanghai, China, and Taiwan. A performance in Europe followed in May 2005 in Paris. All concerts were received with enthusiasm from the audience and the band received very positive feedback.

In September 2005, the band performed an important live as they held an one-man concert at Cafe Le PSYENCE to celebrate the famous hide MUSEUM before its closure. The performance was an exciting and emotional event, for both the band and the fans.

An important change for the band was made in 2007 as keyboard player D.I.E., who had been performing as a support member with them before, became officially part of the band. They had countless performances that year and a result of those was their first live DVD HARD RAIN & ROCKS LIVE. The DVD also contains footage from their concert at Cafe Le PSYENCE in 2005.

In Spring 2008, the band will release their third album. Next to his activities with Ra:IN, band leader PATA will also perform with his band X JAPAN for three reunion lives at the Tokyo Dome.
author: Kay (2008-05-10)

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