indies - disbanded (2002 - 2004)
Mar'derayla appeared on the indies scene back in 2002 as part of the Matina label, then as a part of Under Code Production. They were together for a short time but became famous very quickly.

Mar'derayla's style consisted of the usual dark visual kei indies look (chains, blood, leather and lace) coupled with a full-on screaming and angsty sound to match.
author: J (2008-11-02)
line up
  • Guitar: JUN [2002 / 2004 - gone]
  • Drums: Rui [2002 / 2003 - gone]
Mar'derayla began in the early days of December 2002. The starting lineup consisted of Hayato (ex GA≠ZE) on vocals, Jun and Iori (both are ex Se'lavy) on guitars, Hagane (ex GA≠ZE) on bass and Rui (also ex GA≠ZE) on drums. The band's first live happened to be the final concert for the Matina label, though they continued on with Kisaki to his new label: Under Code Production.

In the early months of 2003, Mar'derayla participated in a few concerts, mostly at Esaka Boomin Hall. In May, their first mini-album, Kiseki...ring, was released and limited to 1500 copies. On the 26th, Rui decided to leave the band and was replaced by Toki in June. The band released their next maxi at the indies event LA MORT vol:1 and then finished up the year with several more concerts and indies events.

Mar'derayla started of 2004 with the event LA MORT SPECIAL 2DAYS in February. They played alongside several well-known indies bands like PANIC*Ch, Aikaryu, DEViL KiTTY and Schwardix Marvally. Following these lives were several more indies events up until the release of their second mini album in March.

Almost right after the release of LOVE&PEACE&HORROR, Mar'derayla announced their upcoming disbanding. However, they still continued to tour on for a few months in the Tokyo area and participated in a collaboration cd with Karen entitled Romantist Carnival. Their disbanding became official at LA MORT VOL:5~Satsuriku Butai Shin Ai on August 1st.

Hayato is a member of the large, multi-member session band Jinsei Russian Roulette. Jun is a member of Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku and is also in Kisaki's new band, Phantasmagoria, along with Iori. Rui is part of the upcoming indies band S.W.G.P. and so far, there's been no news of Hagane or Toki's activities, if any.
author: J (2008-11-02)

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