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interview - 08.28.2012 20:01

Before starting on his 'Seven Samurais' European tour, we had the opportunity to interview INORAN about the upcoming tour and his recent album.

Last year, INORAN promised us he would tour Europe this year. The artist kept to his promise and will tour in several European countries this fall. His tour will kick off on August 31st in Stockholm, Sweden. INORAN will then head to Austria, Germany, Italy and France. We asked the artist about his plans for the tour, his anniversary as a solo-artist and more.

The full tour schedule can be found here.

Congratulations on confirming your European tour. We are looking forward to it. What are your expectations for the tour?

INORAN: It’s my first live tour in Europe as a solo artist, so I’m looking forward to this exciting experience.

The tour is called Seven Samurais. Can you please explain the tour title and concept?

INORAN: We are coming with seven people from Japan. I thought this was a suitable name. (laughs)

Which European countries have you visited before? For what reason did you visit them and what are some of the places you enjoyed visiting?

INORAN: I’ve traveled to Germany, France, Austria, Italia and Great Britain several times for business and pleasure. I went to Germany during LUNA SEA’s REBOOT tour. The passionate audience has left a deep impression on me and it has left me with great memories. Anyhow, all the places I have visited were wonderful.

It will be likely that many Japanese music lovers will attend your concerts. But how are you planning to appeal to those who are not familiar with Japanese artists yet?

INORAN: Personally, I don’t really consider myself as a J-Rock artist. We are touring with an Italian band at some of the venues, so we would like the audience there to be touched by and come in contact with our music.

This June, you released your album DIVE YOUTH, SONIK DIVE. What is the concept of the album?


How did you decide on the album title and the cover image?

INORAN: I decided on the title together with the band members. Originally, we had chosen that name as the title for our tour, but we thought it would be very fitting for the album as well, so we decided to give it the same title. The cover image was chosen because of its beauty.

How were the songs created? What inspired you?

INORAN: The emotions that I am feeling at the moment, what comes up in me naturally …

Before the official release of the album, fans could already listen to the album online. Why did you decide on this?

INORAN: I didn’t only do that with this release. I’ve done this before as well. First of all, it’s because I would like for my music to be heard by as many fans as possible. Not only my fans in Japan, but I would like to reach the fans from all over the world as well.

For the song No Options you worked together with Anna Tsuchiya. Why did you choose her for this song?

INORAN: That idea hit me one day. I thought the song would be even better if we were to add a female vocalist. The first voice that came to mind was Anna’s. She has a powerful voice that has a charm to it that no one else’s has.

On the album, there is a new version of the song LEMONTUNE, which was originally recorded by your band FAKE? Why did you decide to create a new version?

INORAN: When we were working on the prospective songs for the album, the staff had voiced their desire for me to make a song like LEMONTUNE. So if I was going to do that, I thought I should do the original. Several months ago, I suddenly ran into FAKE?’s vocalist Ken at a festival, whom I hadn’t seen in years. FAKE? is celebrating its 10-year existence this year, because of the combination of all these things, I thought this might have been a twist of fate and felt a sense of inevitability. It has a different feel than the original song, but I am quite pleased with how the song turned out.

You asked your fans on Facebook to create a cover of the song Get Laid. What did you think of the covers you have received so far, and did any stand out for you?

INORAN: Every version I received of Get Laid was amazing. I’m very grateful towards all the people who participated. Amongst all the entries there was a piano cover which was very surprising and I was very pleased.

You collaborated with Kiyoharu on his single Ryuusei / the sun. What was it like to collaborate with Kiyoharu?

INORAN: I think we were able to share a very stimulating time together.

Another collaboration you did recently was with lynch.. How did you feel about this collaboration, especially considering that lynch.’s sound and background are quite different from yours?

INORAN: We have been friends for a while now and we have seen each other’s live performances. This time around the timing was right and we were finally able to realize it. It’s an honor to have my essence poured into lynch.’s music. I believe that if you are passionate towards music, you can enjoy it regardless of differences in sound and background.

You have done many collaborations with various artists in the past. How do you decide on who to collaborate with, and what makes a successful collaboration according to you?

INORAN: Most of the time, it is realized through connections with people. Whenever I collaborate with someone it’s all about the timing. For me, collaborating with another artist is a very valuable experience. It becomes the seed of the next music production. It is something I would like to pursue more often.

This year you are celebrating your 15th anniversary as a solo artist. You have already done several projects for your anniversary, but what can we expect for the future?

INORAN: I still have a lot of projects planned. So look forward to that!

You have been active in the music scene for over 20 years. How has your attitude towards music changed over the years?

INORAN: It hasn’t changed since the beginning. I always want to face music in an honest and frank way.

Finally, please give a message to our readers.

INORAN: To all the fans waiting worldwide, when we are performing nearby, be sure to visit us! Let’s all become one and have fun! I’ll see you at the concert!!

Thank you very much for the interview and we wish you good luck with your tour!

JaME would like to thank INORAN and Paul Chu for making this interview possible. Many thanks to Daniella for the translation.
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