CREATURE CREATURE – Sodom and Gomorrah

live report - 07.26.2012 20:01

MORRIE, HIRO, Shinobu, Hitoki and Sakura took Shibuya O-EAST on a hot ride with a daring and memorable show.

Creature Creature summoned their loyal fans for a blazing show at Shibuya O-EAST. With band and fans clad predominantly in black, MORRIE (vocals), HIRO (guitar), Shinobu (guitar), Hitoki (bass) and Sakura (drums) rocked the venue for an unforgettable night.

Wasting no time, the band got down to business and welcomed the fans with Rakuen e. The song did wonders in warming up the crowd and made for a powerful start with feisty guitar solos and passionate bass riffs. MORRIE tossed the mic from one hand to the other, his attitude eternally cool as he worked the crowd with ease. Amor Fati and Cosmos Blackness followed. HIRO and Hitoki took the lead, their fingers flying over strings smoothly. With the warm up over, MORRIE became an animal, thrashing his head to the beat, stomping and punching his fist in the air. The vocals became fiercer and more demanding, words cutting the air coldly for the final verses. Red lights and strong drums added a dark tinge to the last number.

Hot bass lines signaled the start of Hoshitsuki. Hitoki hopped from one foot to the other as if walking on cinders. With his hair covering his face, he swayed to the beat and the crowd followed. The transition to Cluster was very smooth. The beat grew stronger and thrashing heads contributed for a visually strong number. MORRIE seemed possessed, his theatrics grave as he commanded his minions, knees slightly bent. He ended the song with a demon-like laugh before Black Hole engulfed the venue with its interesting opening. The tune rose and fell in waves, and the lights added a haunting tone to the performance. The heat palpable, MORRIE got rid of the last button holding his shirt together and with his chest bare, he moved sensuously in a dangerous dance.

Hitoki’s Aurora was refreshing and took the band away from safe ground. The bass guided the song and guitars and drums joined promptly with fast riffs. Loud and strong, the ballad slowed a bit as Shinobu and HIRO took the spotlight, their heads thrashing vigorously to the ardent bass. HIRO opened Golden Age with a feisty solo. MORRIE moved from right to left as he thrust his fist up high. Touching his chest teasingly he swayed his hips, and the crowd reacted enthusiastically to his every move.

A heated guitar duet set the tone for Psyche. The music was flawless and fans undulated to the tunes. MORRIE’s charisma was undeniable and he had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand. Mirrors's circus inspired melody made the heat rise higher. MORRIE maneuvered his voice with ease to an impressive pitch in an angry lament.

The next two songs were two of the night’s highlights. Jazzy and dark Tenshu Ranman brought the bass into the spotlight, and the rhythm grew stronger with Sakura crossing his sticks in the air as he delivered some fierce blows to the cymbals. The guitars eased and dropped into a ruminating dance for new song Phallus Phaser. As if lost in a dream, MORRIE growled in a voice that carried across the venue. Then he changed it up, singing in an operatic fashion.

Gone By Rain gave way to a brief MC before MORRIE called in the heavy artillery with a loud “Are you ready to rock?” Getting rid of his shirt completely, the vocalist got down to business with Sexus. Thrusting his hips provocatively, he fired up the crowd who sang in unison with hands in the air. The beat was intoxicating and the band drowned in it. Hitoki headbanged fiercely while HIRO seemed to become a wild night creature ready to attack.

Fast and furious, the set proceeded to Dead Rider and Red. With his hair flying between growls and shouts of “Oi!” Sakura was unstoppable, his arms flying over his drums in a wild dance that set the pace for the moving bodies in front of him. With Swan, the band bid farewell to the zealous crowd. Passionate bass solos, fervent guitar riffs and feverish vocals blended together dangerously in a ravishing finale that left the fans craving for more.

The infamous quintet returned quickly to the stage for Ataraxia. As the rhythm built up, the musicians joined their voices, and the contrast of mellow vocals with guitar and strong bass and drums made for an interesting number. A purple beam of light fell on Shinobu during the opening of Maboroshi. One by one the instruments took the spotlight, the beat getting stronger as the crowd sang along in unison.

Afterward, the band left the stage but the crowd still refused to leave. The band then came out for a final encore. “It seems today is rock day and there are quite a few hot lives going on! Thank you for choosing to spend this day with us,” the vocalist greeted in a reference to the date June 9th, which can be shortened to sound like 'rokkyuu' (rock you). After announcing their album release in the fall, Creature Creature graced the fans with Kurumeki. HIRO shone, playing amazing riffs in an imposing solo that sent his finger flying over the strings. Shinobu’s Rakuen e closed the set. The guitars and drums came together for a blazing finale. Now more than familiar with the tune, the crowd followed the choreography, dancing and singing with the band. The hall came together under the strong and daring song that once more brilliantly showcased the musicians’ skill and showmanship.

When it was over, the crowd kept calling for yet another encore, but the band did not return. Instead they presented the fans with Rakuen e’s PV. Approving shouts rant out at the audacious and strong video. It was indeed a wild and ravishing night and everyone looked forward to the band's upcoming releases, sure that they will be – as usual – shocking and fierce.

Set list:

01. Rakuen e
02. Dream Caller
03. Amor Fati
04. Cosmos Blackness
05. Hoshitsuki
06. Cluster
07. Black Hole
08. Aurora
09. Golden Age
10. Psyche
11. Mirrors
12. Tenshu Ranman
13. Phallus Phaser
14. Gone By Rain
15. Sexus
16. Dead Rider
17. Red
18. Swan

Encore 1

Encore 2
Rakuen e
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