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interview - 08.04.2006 08:00

Interview with The GazettE in Bonn, Germany, one day before their two first overseas concerts. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai answer questions about performing in Europe, their songs, their own idols and more!

Press conference with The GazettE in Bonn, Germany on July 28th, 2006.

The two concerts on Saturday and on Sunday are your first gigs outside of Asia. Are you nervous ?
Kai: Of course, we are.

You recently changed your name from ‘Gazette’ to ‘The GazettE’. What’s the reason for this ?
Ruki: That’'s only because of visual reasons. The writing ‘The GazettE’ is supposed to have the effect of a logo on the viewer.

How are The GazettE songs made?
Ruki: At first we compose the music, then I add the lyrics.

When will your next European tour start?
(everyone laughs)
Ruki: We will announce that the next time.
Kai: I’'d really like to play in Germany again.

Which band member writes the lyrics for your songs and where does that person get their inspiration from? Which song would be a concrete example for that?
Ruki: (raises his hand) I write the lyrics. I am often inspired by sad things such as war or murder which I hear of in the news. A song that expresses something like this would be ‘Saraba’ from the ‘DISORDER’ album, for example. It rather refers to the situation in Japan, though.

What influences your music?
Aoi: The are no specific factors. It depends on the band members’ tastes. Everyone adds what they like.

Your first concert outside of Asia is held in Germany. Why here of all places?
Ruki: There is no special reason.
Kai: We wish to be able to perform in all countries of the world and to show our style to everyone.

Who are your musical and artistic idols?
Aoi: Before The GazettE started, we liked bands from the Japanese rock scene, of course, such as X JAPAN or LUNA SEA.

Are there any western musicians that you see as idols?
Ruki: (thinks about it but stays quiet)
(everyone laughs)
Aoi: (questioning) Helloween?

Where does the name ‘Gazette’ come from and what does it mean?
Ruki: ‘Gazette’ is based on the word ‘cassette’. We just changed it a little to make it sound better. The term ‘cassette’ itself stands for the fact that we don’t make a highly technical kind of music, but every instrument is played and every song is written by ourselves. To make it simple: Everything is handmade.

How did you get to know each other?
Ruki: Uruha, Reita and me played in a band together at first. Aoi and Kai did so as well, so we were ‘rivals’ of some sort. At first we worked with another drummer, then Kai joined and we formed our group together.

Are you also friends in private?
Ruki: At the moment we almost don’'t have any free time at all. We’'re always together.
Aoi: We understand each other as friends, but when it comes to the music, arguments pop up from time to time.

Why do you make music?
Ruki: For myself there is no other way to express my feelings and thoughts other than through music and singing.

Bands like Dir en grey and MUCC stamp the ‘visual kei’ image over here. In which way do you see yourself connected to them and the ‘visual kei’ image in general?
Uruha: We'’ve got our own style and do our own kind of music. We do not want to be put into categories or compared to others all the time.

The slogan of your latest tour in Japan had been ‘Nameless Liberty’. These words can be seen as well on the cover of your recent album ‘NIL’. Do they have a special meaning for you?
Ruki: They express that future success can’'t be taken for granted by us and by others.

Have you been able to see Bonn already?
Kai: Unfortunately, we didn'’t have the time to do anything in the city or to go sightseeing yet.
Aoi: I walked around today and visited the Beethoven house.

In which way are your look and your style part of your image?
Ruki: Our image is mostly made up of our music and our lyrics. Style, make up or clothes are not closely linked to it. Our outfits change from single to single, from CD to CD.

Is there anything that you would’'ve liked to see or experience in Germany?
Kai: Unfortunately, we missed the FIFA World Cup…
(everyone laughs)
Aoi: Last year we recorded the promotional video for our single ‘Cassis’ in Austria. We had a stop in Frankfurt/Main to switch planes. Even back then, we all wanted to see more of Germany.
Kai: We'’re really happy to be here again.

Did you prepare yourself in a special way for your concerts in Germany? Are there major differences from your lives in Japan?
Ruki: We make our concerts here in the same way as in Japan. We don’'t want to make any differences but show the same side of us to our German and European fans as to our Japanese ones.

Thanks to The GazettE, Rock Identity and the AnimagiC organisers as well as Laura Knoll for the photos of Saturday’s live.
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